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At An Imagined Reality, we aim to provide people who have problems, ideas or dreams with digital solutions. Through prototyping and feedback, our approach focuses on delivering value at every stage of development so that you're satisfied with the design and direction of the project.

We take pride in our technical expertise, using a modular and disciplined design strategy allowing for rapid development, future changes, and ensuring each new feature is built on a solid foundation. Frequent and extensive testing on a daily basis keeps our software stable and bug-free, making sure your app is professional, reliable and functional.

Our team is dedicated to seeing your ideas succeed and reaching their full potential. No idea is too challenging. So if you can imagine it, we can make it a reality.

Baris Ozturkmen

Baris served for seven years in the Australian Army where he worked as an IT professional. In this role he set up computer networks, maintained information security and assisted personnel with a variety of IT issues in support of several operations. During this time he had the opportunity to work in such places as Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, the UAE and all around Australia. Baris left the military to focus on a career in software development.

Outside of work, Baris likes to spend his time pursuing other things he is passionate about including playing guitar, writing music and writing fiction. He also loves going to the gym, learning about health and fitness, and playing basketball.

Lewis Reid

Fueled by a passion for turning interesting ideas into interactive experiences, Lewis pursued a Bachelor of Games & Interactive Entertainment. After graduating in 2011, he went on to work as a freelance developer creating mobile apps for clients across a broad range of backgrounds such as Politics, Psychology & Construction. No matter the project, Lewis is always excited to lend his expertise as both a Designer and a Developer, to craft rich and engaging user experiences.

In his own time, Lewis enjoys bringing his imagination to life by sketching out wild ideas and developing awesome (in his opinion) games. Outside of that he loves reading, playing classic 90s nintendo games and searching for strange places to eat around Brisbane with his friends.

Sebastiaan Fehr

Despite beginning a Bachelor's degree of Interactive Entertainment with a major in Animation, Sebastiaan found he had a talent and passion for programming and systems engineering, and changed to a Software Technologies major. Though he is still more than capable at creating great digital media, 3d models and environments, the majority of his work has been in programming.

Having worked both freelance and at The Binary Mill, a fast growing games startup, he learned the importance of process in development, and has since co-founded two companies. With years of experience, he has applied his skills to the the business sector, developing systems such as Big Data, Sales as a Service, Payroll and Financial, Timesheeting, Business Analytics, and Facial Recognition among many other large technical systems.

He hasn't lost his passion for making video games and he still does this when he has time. His other interests include training and teaching kung fu, practising archery, and minimalist camping.

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