The Jigsaw Neighbourhood App and infrstructure for iOS and Android was developed by AIR for Jigsaw Neighbourhood over three weeks of development.

Connecting Neighbourhoods

The Jigsaw Neighbourhood App connect local families and service providers, quickly, safely and easily.

Post Jobs

If you’re looking for help with a task, create a new job in your neighbourhood. Just say when and where, and helpers in your neighbourhood will be notified and can apply.

Find Jobs

All jobs which get posted go onto the local job board. Using geo-location, we’ll show you jobs in your area. Just select them on the job board, read the details, and if you’re interested click apply!

Review Applicants

All the applicants to a job will appear on each of your job postings. Just select the job, review the applicant’s profile, read their ratings, and when you find someone you like, click contact!


When choosing to contact a helper, their preferred contact method, weather it’s by phone or email, is automatically opened on your phone.

User Profiles and Ratings

When a job's done, families can rate helpers and let future families know how the helper did. These ratings appear when helpers apply for future jobs.

Accounts and Safety


If you'd like a little help around the house, or would like to apply for jobs verify your account, fill in your family or helper profile, and Introduce yourself to the neighbourhood.


To ensure the safety of sensitive user data, Jigsaw Neighbourhood is built on industry encryption standards, safely transmitting and storing all user data.


Each account verification application is personally reviewed by Jigsaw Neighbourhood staff, ensuring that every user who posts or applys for a job has first been vetted.