Diet and Fitness Trainer

Diet and Fitness Trainer is an app which helps you track your diet and exercise to help you achieve your goals.

How it works

To start, enter your current weight, height, age, gender, your average daily activity level, and your goal. The app will calculate the amount of calories you need each day to reach your goal. Throughout the day, record the foods you eat and any exercise you do in the app so it can count calories for you and tell you if you’re on track.

Any diet

Because Diet and Fitness tracker works by tracking calories and macronutrients (optional), it supports any diet such as vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, paleo, gluten free, IIFYM (if it fits your macros) or flexible dieting, and more. The app is able to work with any diet because it is based on the principles and science of caloric balance: Eat fewer calories than you burn and you will lose weight. Eat more and you will gain weight. This is the most effective way to lose weight or gain it if that’s your goal (building muscle) because it doesn’t rely on fads or pseudoscience.


Keep it simple and just count calories or keep track of macronutrients in your diet. You can even break down your daily calorie goals into macronutrient goals for more control of your diet; useful for athletes, bodybuilders, and those looking to optimise weight loss.

Not just a weight loss app

Diet and Fitness tracker can certainly help you lose weight, but it can also help with any diet or fitness goal. So if you’re an athlete or bodybuilder looking to improve performance or gain weight by building muscle, Diet and Fitness tracker can help by telling you how much you need to eat to keep growing and getting stronger.

Food Database

Add foods you eat by searching the food database or create your own foods so you can quickly add them next time.